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50+ cryptocurrencies

20+ Networks including Lightning Network

Low fees - 1% per transaction

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50+ cryptocurrencies supported
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Get Into a Trillion-Dollar Market
Reach millions of potential clients around the world
Offer your customers the flexibility and convenience of paying with cryptocurrency
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Tailored Solutions for Every Industry
Customized Crypto Payment Solutions to Fit Your Business Needs
e-commerce and online businesses
E-Commerce & Online Businesses
Expand your payment options and attract a global customer base by accepting cryptocurrencies. Our secure and efficient payment gateway ensures smooth transactions, enhancing your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction across various industries
in-game purchases and virtual marketplaces
In-game Purchases and Virtual Marketplaces
Enhance user experience and security with our streamlined crypto payment processing. Seamlessly integrate our solution to facilitate fast, secure, and transparent in-game purchases and transactions within virtual marketplaces
gaming platforms
Gaming Platforms
Provide your users with fast, secure, and transparent transactions. Our solution ensures the highest level of security and efficiency, enhancing user satisfaction and trust
Easily accept cryptocurrency donations to enhance transparency and efficiency in your charity initiatives.
Content Creators, Influencers and Artists
Accept tips, donations, and payments for exclusive content or merchandise from your followers. Offer your fans the flexibility to pay in cryptocurrency and monetize your content, providing your audience more ways to support you!
Crowdfunding Platforms
Include crypto donors in your fundraising campaigns to reach a new audience of tech-savvy supporters!
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Instant Currency Conversions
Manage your balances by exchanging currencies within your account
Risk management
Convert to stablecoins for a more stable asset during market fluctuations
Intuitive Navigation
Easily swap between currencies with a clean and organized layout
Withdrawal Automation
Set up automatic scheduled withdrawals to your saved wallets and bank accounts for seamless fund management
Why Partner with Us
Discover the Benefits of Choosing Our Services
Reduced fees
Save on every transaction with our cost-effective fee structure
AML policy
We protect you against illegally obtained funds
Crypto-to-fiat payouts
Collect crypto payments and get EUR, USD to your bank account
No fraudulent chargebacks
Fast, secure transactions, and immutable records     for unparalleled trust and transparency
Crypto donations
We provide an ecosystem to fundraise cryptocurrencies
Widen your target audience. Open your business to international customers and drive new sales
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