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At Nimera, we like to think big. We tackle global problems that have a tangible impact on peoples lives. We strive to make the world a better place. Also, we love building cool things.

Andrew Zimine


We live in a world where private ownership practically does not exist. If you keep money in your bank, you don't own them. That is an enormous issue. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that will give all opportunities for the traditional financial product  — if not more — while being decentralized and scalable at the same time. A great task for sure, but we are confident that it is feasible.

Ivan Skladchikov

Marketing lead

All-inclusive finance is not just a pretty word. Erasing borders means that we are helping people connect. Helping people support each other. It’s a great responsibility, but also an incredibly exciting journey.

Lev Saranin

Product Manager | Multibroker 

In Nimera, we are tackling global tasks. Being a part of the global financial ecosystem, Multibroker isn't just a trading platform with more convenience. As a brokerage solution, it has the potential to bring transparency to the centralized digital-currency trading market and protect traders against fraud on a global scale. It's an exciting project to work on.

We are changing a multi-trillion dollar market
We promote a passionate culture
We work in a dynamic environment
We work to make an impact

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